BugDorm-6M620 Insect Rearing Cage

尺  寸: W60 x D60 x H120 cm
重  量: 1,890 grams
主要材質: Knitted Mesh | Nylon
網  目: 44 x 32 | 650 µm aperture
透明面板: None
網狀面板: All Except Floor
開  口: 2 x Front Sleeve, 1 x Front Zipper

1.440,55 SEK ~ 1.600,62 SEK

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120-cm tall, BugDorm-6M620 insect cage is suitable for large potted plants.   All panels except the floor are of Nylon netting (44 x 32 mesh) for ventilation.  A thin strip is sewn across the ceiling from which to suspend objects such as feeders.

There are three openings in the front panel of BugDorm-6M620 insect rearing cage.  The zippered opening is large enough to insert large plants.  On the zippered opening are two 18-cm sleeve openings for addition or removal of insects and replacement of food without letting insects escape.

The framework of BugDorm-6M620 insect cage is of durable aluminum and constructed outside the enclosure. There are no places for insects to hide inside the cage.