Pint-sized Insect Pot with Snap Lid (720 ml, wire screen)

Dimensions: Ø125 x H114 mm | 720 ml
Net Weight: 52 grams
Main Material: Plastic | Polyethylene Terephthalate
Mesh Size: 24 x 24 | 1,350 µm aperture

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Small in size with good visibility, these pint-sized containers are ideal for raising or breeding small colonies of disease vectors in labs with restricted space.  The pint-sized insect pot can serve as temporary enclosures to conveniently restrain insects caught in the field.

The highly breathable screen pre-installed on the donut lid is of 24 x 24 mesh wire netting. Tainted screens can be easily replaced with fresh ones (sold separately) or substituted by your own screen materials.

The donut lid of the pint-sized insect pot has a matte surface for penciling notes.  To assemble a pint-sized insect pot, simply snap down 3 built-in clips around the rim to secure the lid to the pot.