SLAM Trap - Standard

Dimensions: L110 x W110 x H110 cm
Net Weight: 1.23 kilograms
Main Material: Knitted Mesh | Polyester
Mesh Size: 96 x 26 | 680 µm aperture

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** Attention Valued Customers,

In February 2012, we made a minor modification to our standard SLAM trap. The supporting frames of re-modeled traps are much stronger structurally. The netting part of the new trap, however, is almost identical to the old model. Please note this change before making purchases.

Malaise traps are used extensively in biodiversity surveys because of their potential for catching many taxa of airborne insects. However, entomologists have to overcome several innate shortcomings of the traditional Malaise trap: complex and time-consuming assembly and disassembly; poor mobility because of difficult installation; large, open area required for set up; and high cost. These disadvantages can greatly restrict the scope and use of the Malaise trap.

Installation of the standard SLAM trap (the Sea, Land, and Air Malaise Trap that floats on water, stands on the ground, and hangs in the sky) is a breath of fresh air. It is self-supported and freestanding. The trap is easily clipped to a framework of shock-corded poles, requiring no additional support or guy ropes. The standard SLAM trap is so simple to erect, it will save time and effort for other important activities, especially when many traps need to be deployed. It is configured with cross baffles so that flying insects are collected from four sides, making wind direction and exposure to sunlight less of a concern when considering trap placement and orientation.

Improvise a flight interception trap (FIT) or window trap by placing the standard SLAM trap over trays or ground cloths filled with preservatives.

Suspended in the air, the standard SLAM trap becomes an aerial Malaise trap. When dangled from trees, the standard SLAM trap can be elevated to any height to avoid obstacles in natural insect flyways such as high bush or grass. With loops sewn on the standard SLAM trap, several standard SLAM traps can be daisy-chained to sample all habitats from ground level to canopy at the same time.

To make the standard SLAM trap go aquatic, four soda bottles (not included) and the trap floating kit (sold separately) are required. Connecting the bottles and trap floating kit to the standard SLAM trap transforms the trap into a floating Malaise trap that captures insects flying over wetlands.

This all terrain SLAM trap is made of fine Polyester fabric (see specifications below). Also included are: a mesh ventilation window on the collecting head to optimize the catch**, and a removable "moth excluder (2 x 2 mesh/square inch)" at the collecting head entrance to prevent the entry of large insects such as Lepidoptera or dragonflies. A bottom collector (sold separately) can be tied underneath the standard SLAM trap to preserve flying insects that drop when hitting barriers (i.e. Coleoptera).

** Insect drop-off is accelerated if Pyrethroids are applied to this ventilation window. Since all Pyrethroids are UV unstable, treatment should be repeated about once a week.

Applications of the standard SLAM trap are limited only by your imagination. These lightweight SLAM traps can even be hung in series from a weather balloon to find out which insects fly above the canopy.